Design Your QR

You don't need to be a master of Photoshop to create eye-catching QR Codes. Our online tools make it easy for you to play with colors and images for your QR designs. We will also let you know whether your QR Code design is recognizable by barcode scanners as you go along.

  Update Anytime

Your QR Code may lead users to your company website initially, but if you ever change your mind, you can easily edit the link destination via our dashboard without having to reprint the barcodes for your marketing materials.

  Short URL For Redirect

Do you want to promote your iPhone and Android apps with QR Codes? Instead of generating a barcode for each, just create one with QuickMark Color and we will auto-detect the visitor's device and direct them towards the appropriate destination.

  Monitor Your Campaigns

Ever wondered how many people scanned your QR Codes? Wonder no more as each barcode created comes with built-in tracking so you can view the performance of your marketing campaigns in simple, real-time reports.

QuickMark Color makes it quick and easy for you to add colors and images to your QR Codes. You will also be able to monitor how many scans your barcodes are receiving in real-time.